Extra virgin olive oil TERRE 0,5 l

Extra virgin olive oil TERRE 0,5 l

80.00 kn

The oil comes originally packed in dark bottles with a safety cap that guarantees quality.

Price in € (tax 13%) – 10.80 €



High quality – extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olive fruit by cold pressing process is an integral part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The extra virgin olive oil “TERRE” was obtained by mixing the varieties – Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio and our indigenous Istrian bjelica. The oil is characterized by a greenish-yellow color. Fresh taste and scent of olive and freshly cut grasses, medium pungency and bitterness with full flavor with richly refined plant notes. Because of the many varieties of which the oil is obtained, it has a specific taste and smell, and it strikingly blends with most dishes, especially fish and seafood and various salads.

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Weight 1.180 kg

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